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Woolf Prints: East Tennessee Tax & Business Bulletin

Fall 2010 Download

fall 10 article1The Impact of Gossett v. Tractor Supply
Is Summary Judgment Still Available in a Discrimination or Wrongful Discharge Case Filed Under Tennessee Law?
By: J. Nicholas Arning, Jr.

fall 10 article2Codification of the Economic Substance Doctrine
The IRS is now allowed to impose strict liability penalties up to forty percent (40%) for transactions that lack economic substance.
By: J. Chadwick Hatmaker & J. Keith Coates

fall 10 article3Highlights of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010
What recent tax changes mean for small businesses and owners of small business stock.
By: Darsi N. Sirknen

Spring 2010 Download

spring 10 article115 Things You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
How will the new law affect me and/or my business?
By: J. Nicholas Arning, Jr.

spring 10 article2There Has Never Been A Better Time to Be A Grandfather
An overview of what the new healthcare law may mean for employers.
By: J. Chadwick Hatmaker & J. Keith Coates

spring 10 article3Swiss Parliament to Consider Revised UBS Deal Which Could Affect Many Other U.S. Taxpayers
IRS targets accounts established by U.S. taxpayers to take advantage of Swiss bank secrecy laws.
By: Robert S. Marquis

Winter 2010 Download

winter 10 article1What To Do If You Get Sued
Regardless of how you find out you've been sued, what do you do next?
By: Tony R. Dalton

winter 10 article2FMLA Regulations Clarify Employees' Notice Requirements
Can employee absence be designated as FMLA leave when call-in procedures are not followed?
By: J. Keith Coates

winter 10 article3Constitutional Challenge to the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act
Immediate successors of foreclosed properties assume certain duties and responsibilities to current tenants.
By: Meghan H. Morgan

Fall 2009 Download

fall 09 article1More On the Liability of a Social Host
(Or, Do Not Bring a Knife to a Gunfight)
By: Dennis R. McClane

fall 09 article2The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009
Net Operating Loss Carrybacks and the Homebuyers' Tax Credit
By: Darsi N. Sirknen

fall 09 article3IN RE ESTATE OF TANNER:
The Tennessee Supreme Court Addresses the Recovery of Medicaid Benefits
By: J. Eric Butler

Summer 2009 Download

summer09 article 01FONCES
New tax laws affect family-owned LLCs with rental income.
By: Richard S. Matlock & Darsi N. Sirknen

summer09 article 02Red Flags Rule
The FTC's initiative for fighting identity theft.
By: Eric L. Reagan

summer09 article 03A Primer on Mechanics' and Materialmen's Liens
The requirements for remote contractors to perfect a lien claim under Tennessee law.
By: W. Michael Baisley

Spring 2009 Download

spring09 article 01The Importance of Witness Preparation
Why time devoted to preparing a witness is well worth it.
By: Howard E. Jarvis

spring09 article 02Summary Judgment in Tennessee
The summary judgment standard in Tennessee is now tougher.
By: Meghan H. Morgan

spring09 article 03Top Ten Contract Tips
Avoiding the potential traps and pitfalls for the unwary.
By: J. Nicholas Arning, Jr.

spring09 article 04IRS Collection Function
Dealing with IRS collection actions.
By: J. Eric Butler

Winter 2009 Download

winter09 article 01Significant Tax Changes in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
A discussion of the key tax provisions in the legislation.
By: Kevin N. Perkey

winter09 article 02COBRA Subsidy Provisions Included in the Recovery Act
The new government-funded COBRA premium assistance program.
By: Sonda L. Gifford

winter09 article 03Current Economy Creates Interesting Estate Planning Opportunities
Tax strategies to combat decreasing stock values.
By: Robert S. Marquis

winter09 article 04Key Changes in the New FMLA Regulations
A new set of regulations interpreting the Family and Medical Leave Act.
By: Sonda L. Gifford

Fall 2008 Download

fall 08 article1The Winds of Change
How an Obama White House may change the employment and tax laws.
By: J. Chadwick Hatmaker, Dale C. Allen, and Robert S. Marquis

fall 08 article2IRS Examination and Collection Functions
A basic overview.
By: J. Eric Butler

fall 08 article3Commercial Leases
Landlords and tenants need to notice each other.
By: Dean T. Howell

Summer 2008 Download

cd burnPreserving and Producing Electronically Stored Information
Numerous issues have arisen regarding the requirements for retaining and producing electronically stored information.
By: Robert L. Vance

water lilyIncome and Estate Tax Benefits of Conservation Easements
Use of the conservation easement to qualify for charitable deductions.
By: Darsi N. Sirknen

hand with penMaking Sure You and Your Employees Are On the Same Page
The Importance of Proper Documentation.
By: J. Keith Coates

Spring 2008 Download

teaser spring article1Construction Contracts
What's new for owners, developers, contractors, and subcontractors.
By: J. Ford Little

teaser spring article2Estate Freeze Techniques - Part 2
Use of GRATs and DIGITs as part of an effective estate plan.
By: O.E. "Sonny" Schow, IV

teaser spring article3New "No-Match" Rules?
The Current State of the On-Again, Off-Again Regulations.
By: Sonda L. Gifford

Winter 2008 Download

hand on mouseDo You Know the Rest of the Story? Should You?
Practical and legal considerations when searching the internet for information about job applicants.
By: J. Chadwick Hatmaker

ice cubesEstate Freeze Techniques - Part 1
Use of GRATs and DIGITs as part of an effective estate plan.
By: O.E. "Sonny" Schow, IV

tax formReturn Preparer Penalties
A change in the playing field between the IRS, taxpayers, and their advisors.
By: Dale C. Allen

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