Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions relates to the buying and selling of companies, as well as the merging or reorganizing of different companies.

Woolf McClane attorneys in this practice area are experienced in assisting clients as either buyer or seller in transactions involving stock purchases or asset acquisitions including cash purchases, incentive earnouts, stock exchanges, and mergers or reorganizations. Representation in acquisition transaction includes the structuring and negotiation of those transactions, performance of due diligence, preparation of the purchase agreements and other ancillary agreements and documents, and closing the sale.

Our attorneys also assist clients in the negotiation, documentation and closing of financing transactions including secured and unsecured bank debt, common and preferred stock, venture capital financing, seller financing and financing by private investors.

Woolf McClane has assisted clients in a wide variety of industries including clothing and apparel, construction, electrical subcontracting, manufacturing, medical equipment, software and technology, medical supplies, mining, hospitals, medical practices, trucking, insurance and various other types of business.

Attorneys With Experience In Mergers & Acquisitions:

J. Nicholas Arning, Jr.
Jason P. Lambert
Richard S. Matlock
R. Joseph Parkey
Kevin N. Perkey
O. E. “Sonny” Schow, IV
Darsi Newman Sirknen