Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

Attorneys in this practice area represent banks, leasing companies, and other creditors before the United States Bankruptcy Courts, as well as in other state and federal courts, primarily in Tennessee.

Woolf McClane regularly represents local banks, leasing companies and other creditors in protecting the rights of these various creditors. The firm has experience in handling all matters occurring in Bankruptcy Court including, but not limited to, Chapter 11 confirmation issues, valuations, cram down, defense of preferences, fraudulent conveyances, and other statutory trustee actions. It also routinely handles nondischargeability actions against creditors pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523(a).

Attorneys With Experience In Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights:

Gregory C. Logue
M. Aaron Spencer
Lindy D. Harris


Kaitlin F. Tweel