Asset Protection

All high net worth clients are concerned about protecting their assets from unmeritorious claims and unforeseen liabilities. This is especially true for those in high-risk professions and businesses such as doctors, developers, contractors, and rental real estate. The field of asset protection has grown over the years as our society has become more litigious.

The attorneys in Woolf McClane’s asset protection practice assist clients to design and implement various strategies for limiting the client’s liability exposure in today’s litigious society. The attorneys at Woolf McClane are experienced in asset protection techniques ranging from devices as simple as limited liability companies to those more complex, such as an asset protection trust approved under the Tennessee Investment Services Act of 2007.

Attorneys With Experience In Asset Protection:

Richard S. Matlock
Kevin N. Perkey
O. E. “Sonny” Schow, IV

Of Counsel

Dale C. Allen