Alternative Dispute Resolution

As the cost of litigation, the complexity of discovery, and the length of time to bring a dispute to resolution have increased, numerous forms of alternative dispute resolution have gained favor in the business and legal communities. At Woolf McClane, our attorneys have broad experience in utilizing a variety of alternative dispute resolution techniques. We have experience in conducting and participating in mediation, arbitration, mini-trials, judicial settlement conferences, and other forms of dispute resolution.

More and more businesses are including arbitration provisions in their contracts. Our attorneys have represented clients in arbitration in construction, commercial and employment disputes. In addition, Kyle Carpenter and Robert Noell have been trained as arbitrators and are approved by the American Arbitration Association on its commercial, consumer, and construction panels.

Other Woolf McClane attorneys have completed the necessary requirements to become mediators approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court and/or the Federal District Court.

From drafting solid arbitration provisions for contracts, to representing clients in arbitration or mediation, Woolf McClane can assist in avoiding litigation and bringing disputes to a prompt resolution.

Attorneys With Experience In Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Luis C. Bustamante
W. Kyle Carpenter
J. Chadwick Hatmaker
J. Ford Little
Robert P. Noell

Of Counsel

Hugh B. Bright, Jr.